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Penny Dowdell Embroidery

Pink Plant Bedroom Finished Embroidery

Pink Plant Bedroom Finished Embroidery

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Finished Embroidery: Pink Plant Bedroom

This amazing embroidery hoop depicts a colourful bedroom that is dominated by lots of hanging plants. There is a woman drinking coffee and reading in a big white bed. The wall above her is filled with hanging plants and Matisse-inspired pictures in frames. The walls are bright pink. There is a big orange reading lamp, bedside table and table plants, and a huge colourful rug. The fringing on the edges of the rug is fluffy and adds lots of tecture and fun to the artwork.

Set in a 7" wooden hoop, painted orange. The top screw fixture makes the piece easy to display. The embroidery is stitched onto cotton linen, and the hoop is backed with felt for a clean and professional finish. 

Securely packaged and shipped from Taiwan within 2-3 business days.

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