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Penny Dowdell Embroidery

Gingham Living Room Finished Embroidery

Gingham Living Room Finished Embroidery

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Finished Embroidery: Gingham Living Room

This textural embroidery hoop depicts a serene living room scene, inspired by cosy interior design and by comfortable afternoons. It is stitched onto pale green gingham cotton. There is a mustard yellow armchair, white chest and lamp, and big banana plant in a pot. The colors are warm and comforting, adding depth and texture to any art collection.

Set in a wooden hoop measuring 6” x 6”, painted dark yellow. The top screw fixture makes the piece easy to display. The embroidery is stitched onto gingham cotton, and the hoop is backed with felt for a clean and professional finish. 

Securely packaged and shipped from Taiwan within 2-3 business days.

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