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Penny Dowdell Embroidery

Embroidery Display Stands

Embroidery Display Stands

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Proudly display your beautiful embroideries with these gorgeous wooden display stands! These stands come in two parts, and slot together to make an extremely sturdy stand that will not blow over. The thickness of the wooden pieces is 1cm. There are four sizes available to fit embroidery hoops from 5 to 12 inches wide.


Height x width of 1 part

12.7cm x 10.6cm: suitable for 5" - 6" embroidery hoops

15.2cm x 12.3cm: suitable for 6" - 7" embroidery hoops

17.2cm x 14.2cm: suitable for 8" - 10" embroidery hoops

20.3cm x 17.1cm: suitable for 10" - 12" embroidery hoops

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